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Burns is a small farming community in southeastern Wyoming. Our family farms consist of dryland and irrigated crop land and pasture land. We raise wheat and oats for grain; alfalfa, millet, oats and wheat for hay. We often bale wheat and oat straw. We bale in small square (14"x18"x37") bales and medium sized round (60" diameter x 48" wide) bales using net wrap. We have some hay custom baled in 36"x48"x96" square bales.

We run two semi tractors with a hopper bottom, livebottom (belt trailer), float and small dropdeck trailers. One semi tractor is fully licensed and insured for commercial interstate hauling. The other semi tractor is fully licensed and insured for interstate hauling of exempt commodities.

We can be reached at 307 547 3425 (please leave a message if we are not there) or by email at lyonhay@cheyenneweb.com.

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